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Our Farm

Nestled within Nukuhou North valley, New Zealand, we have an enviable climate. Rich soils, powerful sun, nature nurtures our fields with an abundance of volcanic minerals, pumice filtered spring water and clean breezes. Our region in the Bay of Plenty offers the perfect growing environment for all the produce used in our sophisticated and unique variety of wines.

Our History

For more than a century the property has been farmed by the same family. This tradition now extends into the 4th generation and vintners Maurice and Christine have each dedicated more than 25 years to perfecting the wine styles enjoyed under the Celestial Wines brand today.   

Our Wines

The ever growing selection of Grape and Fruit Wines, Sparkling, Fortified and Infused styles are currently available nationally, simply download the on-line PDF order form. Selected styles will soon be available for international export. Wholesale distributors are requested to contact us directly for detailed quotation. Click here to view the range of our products >